Saturday May 26, 2018
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In manner to serving society, spreading the authenticated literature and spiritual blessing from the mouth of saints for the development of this life and beyond, is the prime vision of SHRI KRISHNA PRAKASHAN. That’s why in our publication we published more about nectareous words, discourses and collection of philosophy of this age’s great saint, Brahmalina Reverend Swamiji Shri Ramsukhdas Ji Maharaj.

At the same time it is also very important place in our publication about the discourses of the pioneer, founder and director of Gita Press, Brahmalina Reverend Sethji Shri Jayadayal Ji Goyendaka and the founder editor of famous Hindi monthly magazine - ‘Kalyan’, Brahmalina Reverend Shri Hanumanprasad Ji Poddar.

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